Learn to Paint

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Until in person painting is able to resume, I will be hosting live painting lessons on my Facebook Business Page every Tuesday at 630PM. I hope to see you there!

Tip it Tuesdays

Every Tuesday

That's right! Every Tuesday, right here, I will post a tip or trick for behind the scenes crafting and painting advice.

Painting Small Pieces!

To paint hard to handle small pieces, put painters tape sticky side up, tape edges down, and place your items on the tape. Use a small makeup sponge or brush to paint the items.

Painting Lessons

How to organize your paint

As pictured above, I love organizing my paint bottles in a way that creates easy access, displays beautifully, and keeps my work space clutter free. I purchased the paint bottle holders from “WeMadeIt”.  Click the button below for their link. 

Easy Way to Reverse a Pattern

If you need your pattern to face the opposite direction, just tape it up to a window and trace the backside.  You can now face it right or left.


Every Tuesday at 630PM I host a live paining lesson on my Facebook Business Page. These virtual sessions are great for all ages, right from the comfort of your own home. I hope to see you there!

Check out links to all my favorite materials

Ring light i use for tutorial videos

Camera Mount I use for tutorial videos

The paint tote i use to haul my supplies around

"Matte" Minwax Spray Sealer

"Gloss" Minwax Spray Sealer

"Semi Gloss" Minwax Spray sealer

My favorite spot to purchase ribbon

Hobby Lobby Graphite Paper (White)

Hobby Lobby Graphite Paper (Gray)

Hobby Lobby Stylus Dotters